The Surgical Company fr has developed systems and solutions designed to be reliable, safe, and provide you satisfaction for many years.

It is essential for both biomedical services and users to limit and prevent device malfunctions. In addition to the regulations concerning required maintenance for all class IIb devices, The Surgical Company fr prioritizes customer expectations in order to relieve them from monitoring and control procedures.

Only regular, systematic maintenance limits malfunctions.

The Surgical Company fr – After sales service department in numbers :

  • 8 technical training sessions per year
  • 31 employees including 16 traveling technicians to serve you
  • More than 8,000 interventions per year
  • More than 400 calls per month to our hotline
  • 1,100 active contracts for preventive maintenance

Manage your schedule

The TSC after sales service is at your disposal and supports you in your preventive and curative maintenance. Our technicians will monitor the devices and contact you to make an appointment to perform annual maintenance.

Call our experts

The TSC after-sales department is an expert in its field with more than 8,000 maintenance operations or interventions. Our technicians are at your disposal for on-site interventions or they can receive your devices in our after-sales workshop.

Our technicians are at your disposal to answer questions or requests for interventions.

Technical training center

Every year, TSC organizes technical sessions on your or our premises for establishments that would like to train their biomedical technicians in preventive and curative maintenance.

Registration number : 11 92 21298 92


The Surgical Company fr offers different testers to check your devices :

  • Ventilator testers,
  • Fluido testers,

TSC maintenance contracts

Our maintenance contracts allow you to fully cover your fleet of TSC equipment while benefiting from personalized management. In 2020, TSC acted on more than 1,100 active preventive maintenance contracts.

We suggest you choose one of our offers :

  • PREMIUM Contract which includes yearly preventive maintenance
  • INTEGRAL Contract which includes yearly preventive maintenance as well as curative maintenance

Our entire team is at your disposal and is committed to mobilizing all of its skills to answer your requests.

You can reach our IT team weekdays from 9AM to 12PM and from 2PM to 4:30PM (4PM on Friday) at 03 89 06 14 44 or by e-mail at the following address :