The Surgical Company fr serves health care professionals in order to improve the quality of patient service thanks to 7 expert divisions:

Anaesthesia Diagnostics Conventional hospitalization Emergency & Intensive Care Hygiene & Care Neonatalogy & Pediatrics Interventional specialties


Local, regional, and general anesthesia are cause for major distress, particularly thermal and respiratory distress which require immediate, appropriate patient care. Difficult intubation or significant decreases in a patient’s core temperature: discover our Anesthesia range for all operating theaters.
Intended for CRNA, anesthesiologists, biomedical professionals, executive buyers, pharmacists, ENT surgeons and urologists, discover our Anesthesia range focused on patient airway and temperature management.

  • Skin warming
  • Fluid warming
  • Airway management


Today, The Surgical Company fr is the leader in Functional Respiratory Exploration in France. With a complete range of products for the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of cardio-respiratory diseases. The Diagnostics division addresses cardiologists, pulmonologists, and sports physicians with an offer of global solutions in pneumology, EFR, a technical platform, connectivity, cardiac and respiratory rehabilitation, cardiology or even stress testing.

  • Cardiac and respiratory rehabilitation
  • Cardiology & stress test
  • Technical platform
  • Connectivity
  • Pneumology & PFT

Conventional hospitalization

Our Conventional Hospitalization range uses the wireless Sensium® system to monitor patients’ vital signs. Our system reliably and accurately detects and transmits heart and respiratory rates as well as axillary temperature every two minutes. By notifying caregivers of changes in patients’ vital signs, Sensium® directs them to the patients who need them the most.

Hygiene & Care

The Hygiene & Care division identifies the challenges of care, hospital, and patient safety in health establishments by relying on its 4 ranges: patient safety, care and hygiene, orthopedics, and its defibrillation-monitoring solutions. It is aimed at all health professionals and covers a wide field of expertise: hygienists, orthotists, ortho-prosthetists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, EMS, firefighters.

  • Treatment & hygiene
  • Orthopedics- rehabilitation
  • Patient safety

Neonatalogy & Pediatrics

The Neonatalogy & Pediatrics division of The Surgical Company fr is a leader in the neonatal intensive care market with well-known products on the market such as CPAPs and Infant Flow LP nasal NIVs. Its field of expertise allows it to provide you with solutions in maternity hospitals and neonatal intensive care departments: ventilation (conventional NIV, OHF, etc.), thermoregulation, developmental care (skin, parent-child bond, support, positioning), brain function monitoring. Its wide range also enables it to be closer to adult and pediatric intensive care departments.

  • Neonatal intensive care

Emergency & Intensive Care

The Emergency & Intensive Care Division markets medical devices to advance emergency care through a broad field of expertise: resuscitation, defibrillation, monitoring, CPR evaluation, ventilation assistance.

The division is thus aimed at emergency services, fire departments, general public rescue, military…

  • Defibrillators and monitors
  • Adult Intensive Care

Interventional specialties

The Interventional division covers a vast field of expertise with an entire selection of devices for cardio-thoracic drainage and biopsy: soft tissue or bone marrow biopsy, breast screening, draining, vertebroplasty, as well as radiotherapy solutions. Our Interventional Specialties division addresses radiologists, pulmonologists, biomedical professionals as well as pharmacists.

  • Biopsy
  • Draining
  • Radiotherapy
  • Vertebroplasty